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I am a female photographer based between the West Midlands & Worcestershire. I am a lover of natural light, of capturing those moments that might be missed in the moment but will be reflected on forever. In 2008, I was on Thailand and that's when my love of photography really started, there was so much to capture and my friend said to me it's something I should get into, but my confidence didn't think I could back then.

Then 8 years ago, I had my first camera with different lenses, different settings and fell in love with photography properly and still to this day, it relaxes me, and puts me into my own little bubble of capturing things I might've otherwise missed.

I live with my partner and our beautiful cat, Betty - a four year old British Blue who has had a camera in front of her since the moment we brought her home - she is a perfect model! My partner has horses and takes part in quite a few shows around the country, which has been great for my photography practice - capturing horses is fascinating as they are such unique animals and you can really capture their character in photos.

I am a sensitive, thoughtful and considerate person, who notices the little things. I believe this makes for a good photographer as my images mirror these traits - I aim for not only professional shots, but also laid back and 'off the cuff' shots, which capture family life, personality, background and lifestyle.

Get in touch by filling out the 'contact me' section below if you think I can capture yours and your families life or even your business or pet within a photoshoot - I look forward to working with you!

Vicki xxx

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