Victoria Shattock

Thank you for visiting my site - I am so excited by this new venture. Photography has been a big interest of mine for many years now, but it all really started when I went to Thailand on a holiday in 2008, I took a small camera with me but I just loved taking different shots of some of the most fascinating things I have seen.

Whilst in Thailand, I remember one of my friends saying to me I should take up photography as I knew how to capture a decent shot - if only my confidence allowed me to take that comment seriously and do something about it, but ten years later I am and it's never too late to pursue an interest.

I live in-between Worcestershire and Birmingham in a beautiful village called Belbroughton, I think this is where my love of landscape photography started as we are right in the middle of some beautiful scenery. Couple that with taking photos of people, and even animals I love nothing more than being behind the camera and experimenting with different lighting, lenses and angles.

I live with my partner and our beautiful cat, Betty - a two year old British Blue who has had a camera in front of her since we had her - she is a perfect model! My partner has horses and takes part in quite a few shows around the country, which has been great for my photography practice - capturing horses is fascinating as they are such unique animals and you can really capture their character in photos.

I am a sensitive, thoughtful and considerate person and I believe this makes for a good photographer as my images mirror these traits - I aim for not only professional shots, but also laid back and 'off the cuff' shots, which capture family life, personality, background and lifestyle.

Get in touch if you think I can 'capture your life' or even your business or pet's life within a photoshoot - I really do look forward to working with you!

Vicki xxx